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Troy B.

One day during the summer season, I woke up with the realization that my right shoulder had been hurting most of the night and that I had lost most of my flexibility and movement to include numbness through my arm.  My initial notion was to put it off until the pain worsened to the point where I could not ignore it any more.  I finally decided, after musing on the matter for three weeks, that I should see my care provider.  It was suggested after consultation, that I get an x-ray.  My doctor came back and told me that I had arthritis and that it had been there for several years.  I asked for options.  The doctor said that I could get injections in my shoulder every three months and/or have physical therapy.  I opted for a single injection and physical therapy.  I was referred to Balanced Body Physical Therapy to get my shoulder and arm functioning normally again.

When I had my first visit with my physical therapist, Dallen, I knew I was in good company.  Dallen and his staff took the time to address all of my concerns and place me in an immaculate environment where I could not only survive but thrive while going through therapy.  Always professional and courteous, they helped me gain strength through stim treatments, hot and cold therapies, and precise exercise movements to include home exercises of my shoulder and arm.  Dallen and his staff supported me in every way and taught me the correct body healing principles, and not to rush the healing process, but rather fully appreciate the journey of healing.  With a complete recovery, my shoulder and arm function normally again because of Dallen and his team.  I am grateful for their amazing service, cheery disposition, welcoming and healing environment, individual care and compassion.  I attest that Balanced Body Physical Therapy is committed in every aspect to help their patients envision and meet their recovery goals.  Whenever I need physical therapy, Dallen and his team will be where I will go for the rest of my life.