Courtney M.

I was in my 1st ever car accident and the pain caused by being rear-ended was pain that I had never felt before.  When I first came to Balanced Body the pain in my back and shoulder was so bad that I had trouble doing even the simplest of tasks such as sitting.  Walking into the office I was so worried that I was maybe overexaggerating.  However, all of the staff here made me feel validated and I felt I was treated with the utmost respect.  Dallen gave me clear descriptions of my injuries and talked me through every step only when he knew I was ready.  He and his staff walked me through each exercise and always had positive things to say.  Each visit was filled with laughter and fun conversation which made my visits something to look forward to.  I am so happy that I was referred to Balanced Body and I hope that many others will have the wonderful experience that I have had!  Thank you to Dallen and staff for their putting me back together!