Amy D.

After months of chiropractic work resulting from a concussion, I was still having trouble turning my neck.  Luckily, a referral landed me at Balanced Body.  To top it off, while getting treatment for my neck, I managed to injure my foot as well!  I woke up one morning in so much pain I could not walk. I called Dallen at 7:30AM and he listened to my concerns and fit me into his schedule that day.  I hopped into his office barely able to touch the ground with my foot.  In one visit, Dallen was able to manipulate my foot, tape it and I hobbled out in significantly LESS pain without having to take medication, a boot cast or a gigantic bill typically associated with emergency care.  Dallen and his staff have a genuine care for the patient’s well-being.  His experience has clearly taught him to listen and diagnose the “root cause” of your problem.  I knew I wasn’t there as a number.  Dallen and his incredibly friendly team wanted me to get back to enjoying life pain free.  Thanks for all of your remarkable help!