Nov27th 2020

Chris M.

"I first found Balanced Body after getting absolutely nowhere with my previous PT. Dallen called me and was very honest with me. I began treatment with Dallen and (at that time) I was unable to perform a body weight squat to depth without pain. After a thorough exam, Dallen came up with an easy but very effective treatment plan. After approximately 2 and a half months I have the bar with some weight on it doing full squats again! The process is slow but the big picture is that I will be stronger because of it. I am absolutely impressed with Balanced Body. Hopefully, I do not have to come back; but if I do get hurt again, I will be coming right back to Balanced Body."

Balanced Body PT Jul30th 2020

Jeffrey S.

I am 65 years old and had a progressively arthritic syndrome in my right shoulder. I finally addressed this with my primary care doctor who referred me to Balanced Body for physical therapy. The treatment plan was very effective through the course of my therapy. The therapists were kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. I am 100% more active and I have much less pain than when I started. Thank you ALL!

Rachael with Noel L. revised Jul24th 2020

Noel L.

I began with extreme neck pain and limited mobility and have ended pain-free and significantly more functional mobility. The quality of care by all was amazing and efficient. I would highly recommend BBPT to any that asked, and I would return if the need arose again.