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Balanced Body Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine helps patients with many different conditions. Please see the diagram below for information on common conditions we treat and how physical therapy can help you.

  • Head and Neck
    There are many different reasons for neck pain. The neck requires good alignment, proper movement, strength and stability to work correctly. Read More>>
  • Back
    Mid back pain refers to pain in the “thoracic” spine. This is the area from the shoulders down to the mid back area. Read More>>
  • Foot and Ankle
    There are many bones that can be fractured in the ankle and foot. Typical fractures that occur are to the fibula bone, metatarsal bone fractures and calcaneal fractures. Read More>>
  • Shoulder
    Fractures in the shoulder occur for a variety of reasons, but typically from a fall onto the shoulder itself. Fractures can occur in seniors also due to osteoporosis Read More>>
  • Elbow, Wrist and Hand
    Elbow pain can come from a variety of sources, but typically occurs due to an overuse of the elbow joint from repetitive activities. Read More>>
  • Hip
    Hip pain is typically felt in 3 places, the groin, outer hip or deep buttock. Depending on where the pain is focused corresponds to the dysfunction around that area. Read More>>
  • Knee, Balance and Walking
    The knee is the most complex joint in the body. It has to bear the weight of the body while moving through an incredible range of 130 degrees or more. Read More>>