Patient Testimonials

  • “I first found Balanced Body after getting absolutely nowhere with my previous PT.  Dallen called me and was very honest with me.  I began treatment with Dallen and (at that time) I was unable to perform a body weight squat to depth without pain.  After a thorough exam, Dallen came up with an easy but very effective treatment plan.  After approximately 2 and a half months I have the bar with some weight on it doing full squats again!  The process is slow but the big picture is that I will be stronger because of it.  I am absolutely impressed with Balanced Body.  Hopefully, I do not have to come back; but if I do get hurt again, I will be coming right back to Balanced Body.” – Chris M.

    - Chris M.
  • Olena Z

    I should admit that I was pretty lucky to run into this place by just reading the good reviews on Google!  My treatment here worked like a miracle!  As we know, Utah is a state of hiking, so injuries do happen.  Luckily, my therapist, Rachael Preitz knew exactly what to do the very first time we saw each other.  After we found out that it was my SI joint causing the whole thing, we worked as a team very effectively (treatments at Balanced Body and exercises at home).  In a very short time, I could get back to my normal life.  Thank you!

    - Olena Z.
  • I came on a referral for numbness in my left arm and hand.  After a thorough evaluation by Dallen, I was then walked through what was causing issues in my arm.  I was surprised at how knowledgeable the entire staff was as well as their speediness in developing a treatment plan just for my issue.  You will not be treated like a number here.  Every visit was welcoming and I felt positive progression each week.  In no time, I was feeling better than when I first arrived and I know if I keep up with my treatment plan, my health will continue to improve

    - Letitia M.
  • Robin S

    I was initially referred to Balanced Body by an oral surgeon who felt confident that I suffered from TMJ-even though I seriously had my doubts.  Dallen Lovell immediately and professionally assessed the cause of my severe headaches as due to a neck problem.  The treatment that I have received here has brought incredible relief.  It has taken quite some time, but the outcome is definitely worth the time and effort and patience on Dallen’s part!  For anyone suffering from headaches and neck pain, I highly recommend Dallen Lovell and Balanced Body Physical Therapy.

    - Robin S.
  • I had a stroke and had been dealing with weird dizziness that no one could pinpoint.  After seeing all of the specialists, I was finally referred to Balanced Body by my primary care doctor.  At my first appointment, Rachael knew exactly the type of issues I had been having and was able to finally help me reduce the dizziness to almost non-existent.  I will continue to work to fully get rid of it.  Man, what a change it is to feel better!  I truly appreciate everyone here!

    - Shalee W.
  • The staff at Balanced Body Physical Therapy are amazing! They are kind, compassionate, and truly care about your recovery.  Without this amazing team of individuals, including the office staff and interns, I would not be 100% of where I am today  Thank you to the entire staff.  I will miss each and every one of you!

    - Clayton C.
  • Joan J with the crew 2

    I came in with Achilles tendinitis.  I could hardly even walk!  With the good care of Dallen and his team, I am almost back to normal.  I so appreciate the good care I have been given.  Thanks, Dallen and the crew!  You are wonderful!

    - Joan J.
  • Barry W. with Rachael and Ashley-revised 2

    This is my second excellent outcome story!  First, several years ago, Balanced Body helped to restore my shoulder and avoid major surgery! Their work was amazing and I remain pain-free. When my doctor recently said that I needed help with my hips-again to hopefully avoid surgery-I returned to Balanced Body.  The results have been wonderful as I again walk and climb stairs without pain.  Their entire staff has been friendly, caring and professional.  I am relieved to be better-but I will miss everyone here.  Thank you!

    - Barry W.
  • David M and Marietta with Dallen and Rachael-revised

    I came in with a high ankle sprain on my left leg and a bone in my right knee that bothered me going upstairs and riding my bicycle.  I was on vacation here for 6 weeks and Dallen agreed to treat me.  After 6 weeks, I left with much less ankle and knee pain and a set of exercises that proved very effective.  Dallen was especially good at taping my knee and foot joints.  On the first visit, Dallen discovered a foot bone out of place and with one twist and push it popped right back in and I immediately felt better.  Thank you!

    - David M.
  • David M and Marietta with Dallen and Rachael-revised

    I had two problems-chronic low back pain and foot pain from wearing heels.  Dallen taped my foot and after three weeks it was fine! A bone had been dislocated after falling in a hole.  I still have some back pain but the treatment of exercise, ice, massage and traction have really improved the level of pain.  It is a real team effort here-led by a really skilled PT in Dallen. Best PT I have experienced!

    - Marietta S.
  • Rachael and Ash with Chris M-2 revised

    Recently, during a timed mile and a half run, I felt a very unfamiliar pain on the outside of my knee.  I managed to complete the run but when I got home, I could hardly walk up the stairs without fairly intense pain.  I took a week to try and remedy the problem myself but to no avail.  That is when I decided to seek help.  Balanced Body was great!  Rachael and Ashley let me know what was the cause and diagnosis was which was IT band syndrome.  Over the course of a few months they would use estim, muscle scraping, exercises and stretching to fix my problem.  As of right, I am to run without any pain!  I highly recommend this team for your PT needs.

    - Chris M.
  • Rachael and Ash with Anna T

    I wasn’t having the best time with my rotary cuff issue but when I started getting therapy here, it went to having the best time! The people here are great, understanding, knowledgeable, and made me feel really comfortable.  I was sad to have healed two months later because I wouldn’t get to see them!  Do yourself a favor and visit them for long lasting results for your injury!

    - Anna T.
  • Rachael with Noel L. revised

    My initial experience with Balanced Body Physical Therapy was on the phone with Dallen Lovell, PT.  I just wanted some general information but by the time we were done talking, he had answered all of my questions.  I was impressed at the breadth and knowledge and experience he had.  I didn’t call another physical therapist-I just scheduled an initial assessment right then.  Since then, my initial impression stays the same except now it is substantiated with personal experience.  I began with extreme neck pain and limited mobility and have ended pain-free and significantly more functional mobility.  The quality of care by all was amazing and efficient.  I would highly recommend BBPT to any that asked, and I would return if the need arose again.

    - Noel L.
  • Balanced Body PT

    I am 65 years old and had a progressively arthritic syndrome in my right shoulder.  I finally addressed this with my primary care doctor who referred me to Balanced Body for physical therapy.  The treatment plan was very effective through the course of my therapy.  The therapists were kind, knowledgeable, and efficient.  I am 100% more active and I have much less pain than when I started.  Thank you ALL!

    - Jeffrey S.