Patient Testimonials

  • I was unable to do my usual work due to an injury at work and had pain even with routine things like brushing my hair or lifting.  The therapists gave me exercises to help me get stronger.   I now feel stronger and able to do all of my normal work and activities. The therapists were so friendly and patient and gave me good information about my condition.  It was a good experience and I am so happy to be completely better.

    Mistee B.

  • My back pain used to completely debilitate me.  At its worst, I could not stand, shower, walk, or sit.  With Balanced Body’s help, I felt better, even after my first visit.  I feel myself getting stronger with little to NO pain.  My entire life and well-being has improved!  I am so glad that they have helped to empower me to do things on my own.  I have had a 100% better experience with them than with anyone else I have seen.  I can’t imagine better, quality care.

    Shelley S

    Shelly S.

  • david

    My first total knee replacement took place in September 2017.  I spent a week in a rehab center but was anxious to get home.  After a week of home therapy, I started rehab at Balanced Body Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  I was impressed with the quality of the staff and the care, but I was concerned about the drive from Draper as winter approached.  This concern proved to be unfounded.  My plan was to have the second knee replaced in December but suffered a blood clot which pushed my second knee surgery to January.  Dallen and his staff did so well with my first knee that I was determined to have them care for my 2nd knee.  As of today, I am back to normal and grateful for their excellent care!

    David C.

  • I suffer from severe headaches.  The staff here has helped me to try and identify some of my triggers.  They also treated me for neck pain. They gave me home exercises to do that have helped greatly reduce the frequency and severity of my headaches!  I am grateful for what I have learned at Balanced Body.

    Karl J.

  • I first came to Balanced Body Physical Therapy with back pain.  After my initial visit, Dallen was able to tell me why I was in pain as well as draw up a plan on how to strengthen and fix my back.  After a few weeks, my back pain was gone!  I was sleeping better and was able to return back to doing physical activities.  A few months later, I hurt my shoulder and I knew where I had to go to get help in my recovery.  Dallen.  He is very knowledgeable and extremely experienced in knowing how the body works.  I completely recommend Dallen to anyone who has muscle pain or loss of motion.  With his help, I am able to live a much more comfortable life!

    Tim T.

  • After months of chiropractic work resulting from a concussion, I was still having trouble turning my neck.  Luckily, a referral landed me at Balanced Body.  To top it off, while getting treatment for my neck, I managed to injure my foot as well!  I woke up one morning in so much pain I could not walk. I called Dallen at 7:30AM and he listened to my concerns and fit me into his schedule that day.  I hopped into his office barely able to touch the ground with my foot.  In one visit, Dallen was able to manipulate my foot, tape it and I hobbled out in significantly LESS pain without having to take medication, a boot cast or a gigantic bill typically associated with emergency care.  Dallen and his staff have a genuine care for the patient’s well-being.  His experience has clearly taught him to listen and diagnose the “root cause” of your problem.  I knew I wasn’t there as a number.  Dallen and his incredibly friendly team wanted me to get back to enjoying life pain free.  Thanks for all of your remarkable help!

    Amy D.

  • I was in my 1st ever car accident and the pain caused by being rear-ended was pain that I had never felt before.  When I first came to Balanced Body the pain in my back and shoulder was so bad that I had trouble doing even the simplest of tasks such as sitting.  Walking into the office I was so worried that I was maybe overexaggerating.  However, all of the staff here made me feel validated and I felt I was treated with the utmost respect.  Dallen gave me clear descriptions of my injuries and talked me through every step only when he knew I was ready.  He and his staff walked me through each exercise and always had positive things to say.  Each visit was filled with laughter and fun conversation which made my visits something to look forward to.  I am so happy that I was referred to Balanced Body and I hope that many others will have the wonderful experience that I have had!  Thank you to Dallen and staff for their putting me back together!

    Courtney M.

  • I had severe SI (joint) pain that bothered me almost constantly but especially with walking.  My pain was increasing and made it difficult to do a lot of the things that I enjoyed doing.  Dallen was able to help me figure out an exercise plan that helped me get back to doing my regular every day activities without pain.  I believe the most helpful part of my therapy included the physical manipulation that was done each appointment.  That, along with the strengthening exercises that I was given, have helped me to recover and feel pain free!  I appreciated the kind staff too!  Thanks to everyone for helping me through this process of healing.

    Kris K.

  • I started coming to Balanced Body PT for a torn quadriceps tendon  I found their office to be friendly and professional.  They were able to work with my schedule and were flexible with my appointments.  I had significant improvement in my pain after just a few sessions and learned a lot about my condition and the home exercises to enhance my rehab.  Dallen and his staff were excellent not only in providing pain relief but improved strength, flexibility and range of motion.  I am now back to many of my previous activities and have a good understanding of how to stay strong and flexible as well as how to avoid future injuries.  Thank you Balanced Body!

    Amanda W

  • Over the last 10 years I have been treated at Balanced Body Physical Therapy for the following:
    Bilateral rotator cuff repairs
    Bilateral knee replacements
    Left hand and finger injury
    Low back pain at L4-5 and S1
    Grade 2 spondylolisthesis
    I have had very positive experiences with all of the above.  I still use the home exercise programs daily and have avoided hand and back surgery by doing so.  Thanks to Dallen and his staff for the great outcomes!

    Craig M.