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Patient Testimonials

  • They are so helpful & so kind!

    I have appreciated the personal instructions and concern for my therapy.  The place is very clean and handy for me to come.  I also appreciate the kindness shown to me when I would forget the correct time :).  I know it throws off your day but you are always so helpful and kind.  Thanks for all of your help and kindness!

    Cara Lou V.

  • My recovery was successful thanks to Balanced Body!

    I came to Balanced Body because they had good reviews, were easy to schedule with and they were equipped to handle my high maintenance fear of the unknown!  Dallen and his staff of professionals have been pivotal in my rehab experience after two knee replacements.  I have been impressed with their ability to help me learn exercises and stretches that will work to benefit me in the years to come.  My recovery has been successful because of Balanced Body’s support.  Thanks team!

    Kara C.

  • I'm so glad I worked with Dallen!

    I first came to Dallen for my jaw problems.  I had a very difficult time opening very wide and has considerable pain.  I eventually needed major surgery to replace both joints.  Dallen worked patiently with me as I slowly healed and progressed.  He not only worked with my physical issues, but he also worked with my emotional state as-well-as they are both an important part of the healing process.  The journey has been long but I am so glad I had Dallen to help me through it.  I will return if I ever need physical therapy again.  It is worth the drive from Davis County!

    Sherolyn B.

  • I no longer worry about migraines!

    I came to Balanced Body with chronic migraines and discomfort with eating due to jaw issues that developed from my JRA.  My range of motion was limited and I was contemplating my options, one of which was jaw surgery.  The surgeon referred me to Dallen and I am so glad that he did!  I have been able to minimize my chronic pain, improve my range of motion and no longer have to skip a meal because of jaw pain.  Even with my flatter condyle caused by my JRA, I have been able to drastically improve my quality of life and do not have to worry about migraines!!  Thank you SO much!

    BreAnne W

  • Dallen and his team are my PT Practice for life!

    One day during the summer season, I woke up with the realization that my right shoulder had been hurting most of the night and that I had lost most of my flexibility and movement to include numbness through my arm.  My initial notion was to put it off until the pain worsened to the point where I could not ignore it any more.  I finally decided, after musing on the matter for three weeks, that I should see my care provider.  It was suggested after consultation, that I get an x-ray.  My doctor came back and told me that I had arthritis and that it had been there for several years.  I asked for options.  The doctor said that I could get injections in my shoulder every three months and/or have physical therapy.  I opted for a single injection and physical therapy.  I was referred to Balanced Body Physical Therapy to get my shoulder and arm functioning normally again.

    When I had my first visit with my physical therapist, Dallen, I knew I was in good company.  Dallen and his staff took the time to address all of my concerns and place me in an immaculate environment where I could not only survive but thrive while going through therapy.  Always professional and courteous, they helped me gain strength through stim treatments, hot and cold therapies, and precise exercise movements to include home exercises of my shoulder and arm.  Dallen and his staff supported me in every way and taught me the correct body healing principles, and not to rush the healing process, but rather fully appreciate the journey of healing.  With a complete recovery, my shoulder and arm function normally again because of Dallen and his team.  I am grateful for their amazing service, cheery disposition, welcoming and healing environment, individual care and compassion.  I attest that Balanced Body Physical Therapy is committed in every aspect to help their patients envision and meet their recovery goals.  Whenever I need physical therapy, Dallen and his team will be where I will go for the rest of my life.

    Troy B.

  • I no longer feel limited in my activites!

    I had a long, drawn-out recovery with a previous ankle surgery.  Because of my surgery, I started having pain in another part of my foot.  After trying other forms of treatment for my pain, I was referred to Balanced Body.  I should have come sooner to physical therapy because it has made a huge difference.  I now feel like I will not be limited in my activities for a long time.  I have a positive outlook on things for the time in 4 years!  Thank you!

    Anaika H.

  • Successful recovery after surgery!

    I had shoulder surgery to repair the labrum in my dominant arm.  Dallen, Caroline, Ryan and the rest of the team were great about keeping me right on track with my recovery.  Progress seemed to be really fast!  The surgery was exactly four months from yesterday. While surgery was required to fix my shoulder, the excellent care and exercises I have received at BBPT has gotten me back to almost normal.  Thank you!

    Michael K.

  • Finally regained proper use of my knee!

    I had a knee replacement that never really worked out for me.  Two years later, I had a revision on that same knee.  Balanced Body Physical Therapy has helped me regain proper use of my knee over the course of a few months of PT.  I am so pleased to be doing the very best that I can with the help of the staff at Balanced Body Physical Therapy!

    Kara C.

  • My physical condition is much improved!

    After three months of exercise and therapy for my back pain, my physical condition is much improved!  I plan on continuing my exercises to be even better!  Thanks for your service.

    David P.

  • I am now pain-free and very happy.

    Dallen Lovell and his staff are professional, courteous and wonderful to work with. Dallen is fabulous at diagnosing and treating injuries. I had foot pain that others could not fix. Dallen took the time and care to diagnose and treat the root of the problem. I am now pain-free and very happy with my treatment at Balanced Body Physical Therapy. I highly recommend Balanced Body Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine!

    Elizabeth M.

  • I came to see Dallen after an auto accident. I had quite a bit of back and neck pain. Dallen was really great in walking me through the treatment and explaining what was happening with my neck and back. With his patience and help, I was able to get back to regular work without pain or a lot less pain very quickly. Thank you, Dallen!

    Jodee F.

  • Thank you!

    I have struggled with TMJ for a few years but an abscess in my tooth set me on a path of pain I could not have imagined.  Having been to another physical therapist in Georgia, I was doubtful this would help.  Dallen was so much more invested in my treatment than the previous PT.  His therapeutic practices are hands-on and I feel the work was effective much faster and more thorough.  In just two months I am pain-free for the first time in almost three years!  Thank you!

    Christie B

  • My experience with Dallen and the staff was excellent

    My experience with Dallen and the staff was excellent (better than just satisfied!) I greatly appreciate my post op physical therapy I had done for my right knee. The information Dallen has given me is irreplaceable. He answered all my questions very well. Answers I did not receive from my doctor. I am four months out from surgery and my knee has gone back to normal. I plan to see Dallen when I have my left knee done and bilateral shoulders. Thank you so much!!

    Marcia R

  • I am living the life I thought was all in the past.

    After 37 years of recurring back spasms, I came here with considerable anxiety and doubting it would help. I could not have been more wrong. Over the course of six months I have gone from being fearful of any physical activity to looking forward to my daily exercise routine and twice a week physical therapy visits. I am living the life I thought was all in the past. Especially, the puttering around in the garden and home improvement projects. Thank you Dallen and staff for your patience, kindness and perseverance! I am very grateful.

    Jeff D

  • I thank all of them for what they are doing for me!

    Dallen and all of his assistants are very helpful in my recovery. I thank all of them for what they are doing for me!

    Dave B

  • The best part of physical therapy was learning correctly

    The best part of physical therapy was learning correctly, how to do core strengthening exercises that did not hurt my lower back! This has gotten me back on the road to being active again. The exercises were easy to do at home without the need of expensive equipment! Thanks!

    Leslie T

  • Balanced Body Physical Therapy is your place to go.

    Coming into Balanced Body Physical Therapy was the best step I have taken in a lifetime. Dallen Lovell is so experienced and knowledgeable about helping people with physical problems. I came in with back pain that was so severe that I could not sit without spasms. Dallen teaches you how to cope, control and eliminate all of your pain! He is so loving, gentle and explains everything to you including why you are hurting. He explains and shows you ways to improve. The support his team gives you is so outstanding! If you want a 10 star professional therapy service and care, then Dallen and his staff at Balanced Body Physical Therapy is your place to go.

    Shelley A