We have partnered with nutraMetrix to introduce a nutrition/wellness program (or a new dimension to our present wellness program). Many of you ask us:

  • What nutritional supplements should I be taking?
  • What supplements are best for certain conditions?
  • Do any of my supplements interfere with my medications?
  • How do I know if my supplements are the best quality?

We are therefore proud to provide you with a state of the art, comprehensive nutritional program that will solve these issues and place you on the right track for optimal health.

After a careful and long search, we have chosen nutraMetrix® Custom Health Solutions nutrition program. These are just some of the services we now offer:

  • A complete line of highest quality nutritional supplements designed by health professionals, available exclusively at healthcare practices.
  • Isotonic capable supplements- liquid supplements providing maximal absorption for many nutrients.
  • A 21st-century genetic test to determine what supplements are best for you based on your genetic variations. And it only involves a cheek smear!
  • A comprehensive low glycemic index-based weight management system- Transitions Lifestyle System™, which, unlike diets, is designed for a lifetime of successful weight management!
  • Educational programs via DVDs and printed materials to keep you informed on the latest nutrition and health information.
  • The convenience of ordering your supplements from your home computer (or any computer with Internet access) via our web portal.

As always, we are honored to have your confidence and devotion to allow us to be your health professionals. We highly value that trust. And we feel confident that you will tremendously benefit from the quality and convenience of our new nutritional program.

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