Can I continue sessions even after I feel better?

Jul9th 2020

Yes, once you have completed your therapy sessions, your therapist will review your continuing home program.

We are available to answer any questions or to update your home program according to your needs. We are a phone call away in case you are experiencing any new or recurring symptoms.

One thing that many people forget is that physicians recommend a yearly physical so that they can look at your blood pressure, your lab results and give you an appraisal of your overall health.

Physical therapists also have the ability to do yearly physicals to determine your overall health by talking to you about any physical illness that you have that is related to muscle, ligament, joint, movement dysfunctions, postural dysfunctions and many other problems that are sports medicine or orthopedic related. Doing a yearly follow-up with your physical therapist can help you to address some issues which are becoming problematic and with some very simple exercises or changing the way you do things can significantly enhance your mental, physical and functional status.